Asian Antique Furniture

Through their years living in Beijing, Marty and Rex Leatherbury have cultivated working relationships with antiques dealers and furniture makers in villages surrounding the city. Antique as well as contemporary furniture made in traditional styles and craftsmanship are shipped to their stores in the United States. Much of the furniture that they brought back initially is unavailable in other places today because of the uniqueness of the ancient pieces and the growing market for these rare items inside China. Due to the elegance and streamline shapes of most antique Chinese designs, and of other Asian antiques, the pieces mix well with contemporary furniture as well as with other types of antiques.

Furniture Hunting - from Marty & Rex’s Beijing Journal

So much of the fun of collecting the old treasures in China is the chance to create new memories.  Rex and I sometimes laugh at ourselves when a customer comes in to buy something. We get sad about selling it because we have such vivid memories of the day and place where we found it, or the especially good dumplings we ate for lunch that day!

During our years living in China, though we loved the markets of Beijing, especially Liu Li Cheng and Mu Xi Yuan, soon our weekends were filled with forays into the countryside where so many of the older pieces had been sent to government warehouses during the Cultural Revolution.  We thrilled at the elegant long Chinese tables, the medicine cabinets with many tiny drawers, the benches for which we could imagine so many uses, and the unique lacquer and painted surfaces.  We learned as we looked, and we truly relish the thrill of the search, even though it is very hard work.